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Walker Financial is an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor. We specialize in the design and management of investment portfolios for professionals, business owners, executives, and affluent retirees. Walker Financial offers customized portfolio management solutions tailored to your individual circumstances and needs. Scott Walker, founder, is a Certified Financial Planner™. Scott and his associate Warren Isenberg, CFP®, have worked together since 1998 and currently manage over $127 million for 126 clients.



You get personalized services and objective advice from a seasoned fee-only fiduciary advisor.



Objective advice from a CFP® practitioner offered on an hourly or flat fee basis.



Walker Financial Advisors also does business as California 457 Benefits (CA 457), which provides plan administration, investment advice, and employee services.


Walker Financial Advisors, Inc., is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm. We specialize in portfolio design and investment management services for professionals, business owners, corporate executives, and affluent retirees. Scott Walker founded the firm as Walker Financial Consultants on May 1, 1986 as a Registered Investment Advisor in Irvine, CA. Originally, flat fees were charged for financial plans, which were then implemented with commissionable products. In 1987 the firm moved to Laguna Hills, and in 1990 relocated to Mission Viejo. The transition to a fee-only model began in 1990 when the first client account was established at Schwab Institutional. In 1998, the company was incorporated and became Walker Financial Advisors, Inc. The two portfolio managers are Scott Walker, CFP, and Warren Isenberg, CFP.


We are a local firm that assists high-net-worth individuals with building and preserving wealth. As our client, you will have direct access and communication with the investment professional that is calling the shots on your portfolio. We have no monthly product quotas that are often found with major brokerage firms. As Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, we provide individualized service and can answer questions relating to income tax, retirement and estate planning, and employee benefits. We are happy to work with your CPA and your attorney to coordinate efforts that meet your objectives.

Walker Financial provides investment management services to individuals. This includes investment management, asset allocation, wealth preservation, and risk management. We also offer consultation related to a client’s estate, tax planning, and retirement needs, and if appropriate, help identify professional relationships in these areas. In addition, Walker Financial Advisors, Inc. also does business as California 457 Benefits (CA 457), which provides plan administration, investment advice, and employee services for government deferred compensation plans. 

We have a good mix of working professionals, business owners, executives, and affluent retirees. Our average client is 60-years-old, with a portfolio of $500,000, and a net worth of $1.5 million.

Walker Financial Advisors focuses its work with clients who have available investable assets of $500,000 or more. This may include assets in multiple accounts and/or assets of multiple family members.

Your assets are managed by your primary advisor, either Scott Walker or Warren Isenberg. Both are Certified Financial Planners™ who collaborate and monitor portfolio holdings on a daily basis, constantly assessing relative performance. They have been working together since 1998.

All client accounts are registered under the client name and held at Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

When your account is established with Schwab Institutional, the account is placed in your name and you retain full authority over the assets in the account. You authorize Walker Financial Advisors to act under a limited power of attorney on your account. This authority allows us to purchase and sell investments on your behalf.

You will have access to account information through a variety of methods including:

  • 24/7, secure access via the Internet to the Schwab Portal custodial site.

  • Monthly statements and trade confirmations from Schwab.

  • Quarterly client bulletin from Walker Financial Advisors which provides our market views and portfolio commentary. You also receive a performance summary and portfolio statement that details all the holdings in your account.

In addition, advisors at Walker Financial are available during business hours to address any questions that arise.

We are paid a quarterly asset management fee based on the value of the client account. This allows us to be more objective and provides a built-in performance incentive to build the value of the account.

If I have a retirement account, may I have management fees taken from the account? Is this considered a distribution?

You may have your management fees taken directly from your retirement account. Management fees are not considered an IRA distribution and are not subject to taxes or penalties.

There are simply too many variables to track in the investment world for most individuals. By delegating the portfolio management duties to an advisor, you simplify your financial life, and have more free time to pursue other interests. As a result, there is a certain peace of mind knowing that your money is being professionally managed, including the daily monitoring of investments.

An additional benefit is that investment advisors often have access to both experts and products that individuals would generally not be able to attain. As a result, advisors are better equipped with information related to investment decisions.  Both Scott and Warren are Certified Financial Planner™ professionals who believe developing a trusted, personal relationship with you is an important part of their service.

Walker Financial Advisors looks forward to working with you! To get started, please Contact Us.For qualified prospective clients, we provide a free, initial 60-minute consultation. At this meeting, an advisor will discuss your financial needs and determine if you would benefit from our services. From there, we will move forward on discussing your financial goals and objectives, which includes establishing your risk tolerance. The next phase would involve developing a personalized investment plan and result in an implementation strategy.

eMoney Advisor is a virtual portal for clients to access and analyze their personal portfolios. eMoney utilized different tools to personalize each clients portfolio


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For plan sponsor or participant account access for the City of Costa Mesa CA 457 deferred compensation plans.


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